If you want to climb hard, you need to train hard – that’s not necessarily true. Becoming a better climber isn’t a matter of maximum input and workload, but rather a matter of training specifically and smart. Most climbers however get stuck in their quest to becoming the strongest – instead of becoming the best climber they can be. Strength obviously plays a central role in climbing, but do you really think that strongman competitors are able to climb Adam Ondra’s 9c Silence? No, because you will also need technique, skill, power endurance, strength endurance – to only name a few.

Toti, former coach of the Spanish climbing national team will help you sort through the maze of truly effective training and will provide specific coaching and detailed training plans to help you reach your goals. We also offer clinics for those of you, who just want to enjoy climbing or improve their mental game.

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    You want to improve your climbing, maximize the fun your having or get a safe introduction into outdoor climbing? Then have a look at our various climbing clinics!

    Climbing and training with Toti, who also coached world-class climbers, such as Edu Marin and Ramon Julian, will definitely help you reach the next level.

    Whether it’s one of our scheduled clinics or a personalized clinic for you and your friends – we’ll be sure to teach you something new.

    Ever climbed with tennis balls in order to improve your slab climbing? No? Then it’s about time!

    See our Upcoming Training & Coaching Schedule



    Has your climbing progression stagnated? Are you plateauing? Are you struggling to find the right training approach to fit your work schedule, your goals and your social life? Do you simply want to climb harder routes? Are you interested in how to increase skill and technique? Or are you looking for ways to re-ignite your passion for climbing?

    If you answered any of these questions with YES, then signing up to our Online-Coaching program is the right choice for you! The program consists of four main components, that were designed by Catalan climbing legend, Toti Valés.

    1. Initial Assessment: We identify strengths, weaknesses, goals and other relevant factors
    2. Customized Training Plan: We design a personalized training plan, based on the assessment results. Our coaching team lead by Toti Valés helps you follow the training plan
    3. Coaching sessions: Join us for online coaching sessions, where climbing fundamentals, little tricks pro climbers apply, as well as proper technique are explained and discussed.
    4. Re-assessment: We will re-assess training efficiency, and progress, and will micro-adjust your training accordingly



    We love being multi-disciplinary athletes. The vast variety of climbing styles in this sport is what makes it so much fun. But, as Betty Friedan once said, “You can have it all, just not all at the same time”. It’s possible to get better in different climbing disciplines at the same time, but it makes steady progression more difficult, and can flatline performance.

    Our training plans are based on 4-week cycles, include antagonist work, skill and technique drills, and are tailored to the specific climbing discipline you’d like to excel in: Sport/route climbing, or bouldering. We additionally offer a Finger Strength program, that revolves around effective hangboarding and strength gains.

    1. Route Climbing Training Program
    2. Bouldering Training Program
    3. Finger Strength



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