Why should I hire you?

Unmatched qualifications (UIAGM), unmatched local knowledge and an unbeatable price. We offer a “all-you-can-climb” service, which means that our guides will climb with you without a preset time limit – until we hear you say: Enough for today!

What can I expect from my climbing guide?

All our climbing packages include the professional services from our certified guides. Sport climbing, Multipitch routes and Trad climbing. Our guide will give beginners basic climbing training and a detailed safety introduction, may give climbing coaching to intermediate climbers, and push advanced climbers if asked to.

What do I need to bring for our climbing trip?

For single-day trips, the absolute minimum you should pack are your climbing shoes. We will provide climbing harness, helmet and a chalk bag, as well as other relevant gear. On the way to the climbing crag, we can stop at a local bakery or supermarket to get food and water or other things you might need.

We are visiting Barcelona in the summer. Is it possible to climb in the Summer?

Yes, it is! We have many good options: Montserrat, for example, offers various high-quality routes in the shade, the proximity of La Facu to the Ocean allows us to cool off at the beach and the general Barcelona area offers a lot of good afternoon climbing spots. If the heat gets unbearable, we’ll be happy to show you climbing gems in the Pyrenees.

Are the climbing camps only for solo travelers?

No, of course not. If you and your friends or family would like to climb and chat with other like-minded climbers, you should definitely consider joining one of our climbing camps. Our certified guides will provide a safe and respectful atmosphere for your adventures.

Does the Climbing Buddy provide climbing gear too?

Yes, your Buddy is also going to provide all relevant climbing gear – except your climbing shoes.

I’m in Spain and I don’t have my climbing shoes with me. What should I do?

No problem. Just tell us your shoe size and where you going to be staying. We might be able to get you climbing shoes or suggest you a trusted shoe rental shop.